The Shannex Environmental Sustainability Excellence Award recognizes an individual or project team across the organization who demonstrates initiative in performance and process improvement enhancing the overall environment and sustainability of our facility/facilities.

Environmental Excellence Award Eligibility Criteria:

Clients First

This individual/project team

  • Includes clients and families in green initiatives
  • Considers and values feedback from clients and families in regards to environmentally sustainable projects or improvements

Trusted Partnerships

This individual/project team

  • Collaborates with internal and external stakeholders, demonstrating leadership in environmental process improvements
  • Ensure external partners share in the sustainability goals of Shannex

Improving Quality

This individual/project team

  • Demonstrates innovation by going above and beyond their current job role
  • Identifies opportunities for increasing environmental sustainability practices
  • Focuses on one or more of the 4 key areas of Shannex’s Environmental Sustainability plan: Responsible Utility consumption, Diversion of Waste from our landfills, Purchasing Products and Services that are sustainable, and Education and Awareness.

Being Accountable

This individual/project team

  • Performs as a role model in environmental sustainability practices
  • Prioritizes establishing or improving an environmental sustainability program or action that focuses on conserving and protecting natural resources

Complete an online Nomination Form here or download and submit a physical nomination.