The Shannex Care Innovation Excellence Award is bestowed upon an individual or project team that demonstrates a creative approach to improving a care practice. The successful party is one who identified a care concern at an individual/neighborhood/facility/campus level and implemented a change in care practice that lead to improved client outcomes. The innovation has the ability to be shared and replicated at other sites.

Care Innovation Excellence Award Eligibility Criteria:

Clients First

This individual/ project team

  • Identified an individual/trending client care concern and committed to change current care practices to meet client(s) needs in a creative collaborative manner

Trusted Partnerships

This individual/project team

  • Sought out/researched internal and external partners to fully understand the client care concern
  • Collaborated with internal and external partners to identify potential causes to current care practice and offered potential solutions to address the concern
  • Collaborated with clients and families to identify potential causes and solutions to the client care concern

Improving Quality

This individual/project team

  • Initiated a quality improvement process to implement a change(s) to care practice and monitored outcomes to determine if the solution was effective and created a positive outcome

Being Accountable

This individual/Project Team

  • Shared lessons learned with team/clients/ families
  • Shared outcomes that lead to an organizational change in practice
  • Continued to seek solutions until a positive outcome was achieved

Complete an online Nomination Form here or download and submit a physical nomination.