The Shannex Service Excellence Award are awarded to individuals that provide extraordinary value to the organization by living the organizational values through demonstrating the Eight to be Great expectations. Twelve awards will be given annually.

Service Excellence Award Eligibility Criteria:

Clients First

This individual demonstrates the expectations of Greet Everyone and Respect the Individual

  • Understands the importance of saying hello and making eye contact
  • Strives to use people’s names when greeting them to ensure they feel special
  • Values the differences in their team and clients
  • Works to uphold the dignity and privacy of others
  • Ensures we live our Philosophy of Service

Trusted Partnerships

This individual demonstrates the expectations of Recognize Others and Communicate Well

  • Works to create positive relationships with others
  • Celebrates client and team accomplishments
  • Understands the importance of saying thank you
  • Actively listens to those around them
  • Ensures they are kind and clear when communicating to the team and clients

Improving Quality

This individual demonstrates the expectations of Produce your Best Work and Respond to Every Request

  • Strives to learn and develop their skills by completing education and/or outside reading
  • Is always willing to help others
  • Openly seeks feedback from others
  • Thinks creatively to find out of the box solutions to service issues
  • Commits to finding a solution to any issue

Being Accountable

This individual demonstrates the expectations of Work Safely and Be a Role Model

  • Supports others in being safe when delivering service excellence
  • Ensures are properties are clean and presentable to ensure a great experience
  • Influences those around them to deliver service excellence
  • Has a positive outlook no matter what comes their way
  • Inspires a passion for service excellence

Complete an online Nomination Form here or download and submit physical nomination.