Employee Recognition

At Shannex, we recognize that great people are the foundation for our success. Dedicated, caring, attentive staff who have committed themselves to serving our residents deserve to be recognized and rewarded for their contributions.

Shannex’s Employee Recognition Program includes lots of exciting ways to be recognized at work:

Caught You Being Great and Caught You Being Safe is a points-based system designed for Shannex employees to recognize their peers when they notice someone going above and beyond.

A Few Kind Words is a quick and easy way for employees to say thanks or give a pat on the back to your colleagues.

Shannex Excellence Awards Gala Every spring, nominated recipients of signature Shannex Awards, Long Service and Retirement Awards will come together, with the managers who have finished the Shannex Leadership Program, in a night of celebration.

Years of Service Awards recognizes employees who have worked with Shannex for one year, five years and every five-year anniversary that follows.

Please review the Program Guide for a detailed description of the entire program.