Kronos for Managers

As a manager or power user, you will sometimes use Kronos differently than basic employees. This page is designed to answer some of the most commonly asked questions for managers. In addition to the information below, there are also some basic tips & tricks provided here.


There are two versions of Kronos used at Shannex: the HTML version for basic functions, and the Java version for managers or power users.

The HTML version – accessed through the link to the right or the portal on ShanNet – can be used by managers to perform basic tasks related to their own time (view accruals, request time off, etc.). However, to perform more advanced tasks, or to do functional scheduling, the Java version must be used.

The link to the Java version is listed below, and it is recommended to be saved as a bookmark and/or icon on your desktop.

System Requirements

The Java version of Kronos must be run in 32-bit Internet Explorer. It cannot be run properly in Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser.

To view which version of Internet Explorer you are using, open a browser, and then open the Task Manager (Alt+Ctrl+Del). Under the Processes tab, look for “iexplore.exe *32”. If you do not have this process in your list, please submit an IT ticket.


The Java version of Kronos requires very specific settings. All Shannex devices required to run the Java version of Kronos are set up to meet these specifications, however for troubleshooting or for personal use, detailed instructions are available here.

If you are having any additional issues with Java, please submit an IT ticket.

Accessing Kronos from Home

It is possible to access Kronos at home, either through a Shannex device (no VPN required), or through your personal computer. If you are using your personal computer, you will need to be running Internet Explorer, and you must update your Java settings.

If you are unable to access Kronos at home through a Shannex device, please submit an IT ticket. Please note: IT does not support personal computers, and cannot assist with viewing Kronos from any device not supplied by Shannex.


The log in credentials in Kronos for managers is LDAP, meaning that it is the same username and password that you use to log into your computer. When you update this password, your password for Kronos will also be updated.

If you lock out your account in Kronos by attempting to use the wrong password too many times, please wait 5 minutes and try again (a system reboot may also be required). If you still aren’t able to access Kronos after waiting 5-10 minutes and restarting your computer, please submit an IT ticket.