our lives, we create connections with a variety of things, including people,
pets, places and cultures. Celebrating the diversity of our communities is one
of the ways that Shannex strives to foster meaningful relationships not only
between team members and residents, but also within our teams and with the
communities to which they belong.

Enhanced Care in Truro, Nova Scotia, has a very special connection to the
Filipino Community. In 2010, Shannex hired six Registered Nurses from the
Philippines. Recently, all six people, all of whom continue to be part of the
Shannex family, came together at Cedarstone to celebrate Filipino Heritage
Month with music, dancing and delicious authentic cuisine. For many residents
it was the first time they had seen and heard music and dance of this type
before, and they absolutely loved the experience.

To Ricardo
Garcia, Site Manager at Elk Court; Vonn Manahan, Site Manager at Debert Court;
Michael Galera, Community Manager at Cedarstone; Maria Agcon, Community Manager
at Cedarstone; Glory Andong, RN at Elk Court; and Louela Paris, RN at
Cedarstone, thank you so much for the Great Connections you have made with
residents, each other and the community.