Anna has always had a passion for
travel. In 1960, Anna and three of her friends set out from Newfoundland on a daring
adventure: to work their way across Canada! Little did Anna know that her life
would change forever on her very first stop. The four women began their journey
in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where Anna quickly found a job working at the Royal
Bank on Barrington Street.

At that same time, Bob was working
at Halifax Maritime Air Command Headquarters just down the street from the
Royal Bank where Anna worked.

One day, the couple caught each
other’s eye on one of Bob’s trips to the bank, but it wasn’t love at first
sight. “I would come out for lunch and he would be hanging around,” Anna said
as Bob smirked. For six months, Bob and Anna had lunch together before making their relationship official. The
two of them have been enjoying lunch dates for over 57 years now.

While Anna’s plan of working her
way across Canada didn’t quite turn out, together, Bob and Anna have travelled
far and wide across North America. “There’s nothing in Canada that we haven’t
seen together,” says Bob.

One of their favourite trips was to
the Yukon for the 25th anniversary of the Dempster Highway, a route
that Bob had always dreamed of driving. Starting in Dawson City, Yukon, the two
drove all the way to Inuvik, Northwest Territories. Not even the frigid
temperatures of the Canadian Arctic can keep these two from their passion for
adventure and love of travel.

Bob and Anna have been married for 57 years and have continued
their adventure at Parkland at the Lakes for the past four years.