Perhaps the most important ingredient in any Great Connection
is time. The time we take to share, the time we make to listen. Taking a moment
to connect is how we build the relationships that make community living such a
rewarding experience for both team members and residents. Some people seem to
have a special talent for this, and one of them works at Bissett Court in Nova

A member of the recreation team, Sonia Michaud can often be
seen helping Continuing Care Assistants and her fellow team members as they
support residents in living their best lives. Sonia is so popular that many residents
go to the Wellness Centre just to spend time with her. In addition to her
professional duties, Sonia can be seen doing nails, helping with bingo and
walking with residents. Even when she’s busy, she finds time to give residents
her complete attention and develop lasting connections. Bissett Court is very grateful
to have such a wonderful person on their team!