It’s no secret that games of
all kinds are a wonderful way to create Great Connections. Whether it’s bridge,
curling, trivia or, in this case, pool, working together or in friendly
competition in a casual atmosphere can be as rewarding as it is fun. One team member
at Parkland Riverview organized a pool tournament that brought residents
together and gave them an opportunity to share their skills on the felt. And it
turns out that there are a few sharks in Riverview, New Brunswick, that don’t
live in the water.

Team member Luc Poirier of
Parkland Riverview recently organized a resident pool tournament. A skilled
pool player himself, Luc guided residents throughout the evening by explaining
the rules, organizing match-ups and lending a hand with some of the trickier
shots. For some residents, it was far from the first time they’d held a cue.
Luc’s partner for most of the evening was Sister Marie and, like him, she
proved to be a regular pool shark. Everyone had a wonderful time, with some
residents trying pool for the very first time! In the end, Luc lost the
championship match to Royal Court resident Don MacDougall in a very close
match. Don also put on a great show for everyone at the end with a number
of trick shots he picked up over the years. Thank you to Luc for such a great
event and to the residents who made it so much fun!