It is no
secret that music has a powerful effect on our emotions. The right song can get
your toes tapping, take you back to specific moment in time, calm you down or
even help carry you off to sleep. Music is also a wonderful way to connect with
people. Here is a story about a CCA who learned to play guitar so he could perform
for residents and help them find comfort.

Finney, a Continuing Care Assistant at Celtic Court in Sydney, Nova Scotia,
works very closely with residents. Through his regular interactions, he
realized that there was an opportunity for more recreation activities in the
late afternoon, a time of day when some residents, and one in particular,
sometimes become agitated. Darryl also knew that residents respond well to
music, so he came up with a plan.

He decided
to learn to play guitar and share his love of music with the people he cares
for and, whenever possible, take time and the end of his workday to play a few
songs with the resident who has particular challenges in the afternoon. The
results are heartwarming.

dedication to creating musical connections not only benefits the residents he
performs for, but has also turned him into a bit of a community celebrity. He
now organizes “pub nights” and even helps one resident keep his
guitar in tip-top shape.

Perhaps the
greatest thing about Great Connections is that they have a positive impact on
everyone involved. Darryl may be the one with the guitar, but he benefits just
as much as residents do from the time they spend together.