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Questions fréquemment posées

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To view the detailed resident and family information guide for our Nova Scotia nursing homes please click here to view the Shannex Enhanced Care Handbook.

How do you apply for nursing home care?

Admission to all licensed nursing homes in Nova Scotia is gained through the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness’ Single Entry Access system. For more information or admission inquiries please call 1-800-225-7225. A representative will be able to help you. You can also access additional information through their website.

In New Brunswick, admission to all nursing care facilities is also gained through a Single Entry Point system that is managed by the Department of Social Development. To make an inquiry, contact the nearest regional office to you at the numbers listed below. You can also access additional information through their website or here.

Riverview: 1-866-426-5191
Quispamsis: 1-866-441-4340
Fredericton: 1-866-444-8838

What does it cost to live at a Shannex Enhanced Care site?

Residents pay the same amount to live at a Shannex nursing home as they would at any other nursing home in the province. The Nova Scotia Department of Health or the New Brunswick Department of Social Development determines the daily accommodation rate amount based on each client’s financial assessment.

Who pays for what?

Your daily accommodation rate is determined prior to admission through the financial assessment process conducted by the Department of Health and Wellness in Nova Scotia or by the Department of Social Development in New Brunswick.

Nova Scotia: To be considered for a reduction in the daily accommodation rate, the Department of Health and Wellness requires your Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Notice of Assessment. This assessment will be required pre admission and annually by June 30th to continue being assessed for any reduction. The Department of Health and Wellness sets a new accommodation rate each year that goes into effect November 1st of each year. Residents receive a letter from the provincial Eligibility Review Officer thirty days prior to the rate change to advise you of your new rate. For additional information, please click here.

New Brunswick: To be considered for a reduction in the daily accommodation rate, the Department of Social Development will ask you to complete a Financial Declaration Form stating the income of the resident and spouse, if applicable. The information on the form is reviewed, verified and an assessment of net family income is determined based on the process outlined in the Standard Family Contribution Procedures Manual. Applicants are required to provide written authorization to allow verification of the financial information. As the request for a financial subsidy is a voluntary action by the applicant and the granting of a subsidy by government is discretionary, what is considered as income is determined by the Standard Family Contribution Policy of the Department of Social Development. For additional information, please click here.

Can couples live together?

Accommodation is available for couples who both require nursing care based on room availability. If one spouse does not require nursing home care, other living options are available at Parkland campuses only. Parkland retirement living campuses include a state-of-the-art assisted living residence, and traditional retirement living.

Additionally, in New Brunswick you can request your spouse be admitted to the nursing home with you. This request should be submitted to the Department of Social Development.

Can I bring my personal items?

This is the resident’s home. We encourage clients to bring personal effects such as personal hygiene items, plants, pictures and mementos to their new home. Each suite is also wired for cable television, internet and phone for additional charges. Please note that all electronic items must be CSA approved and inspected / approved by maintenance staff prior to use and that there are restrictions on some items.

Will I get a private room?

While 90% of our nursing home beds are in private accommodations, we do have some semi-private rooms. Your preferences are considered when options are available and the accommodations you receive will be discussed with you prior to moving, but will be largely dependent on what is available at the time.

What furniture is provided in each room?

Each room is furnished with an electric bed, nurse call system, armoire, dresser, nightstand, and a comfortable chair. There is also a locked curio cabinet outside your room to display your personal items as well as a locked drawer in your room. Draperies and bed linens, including a matching bedspread are also included. Residents may wish to add other pieces of furniture; however, we will need to ensure that these items meet fire and safety standards.

Are there any items that I am not allowed to bring?

There are items that are not permitted dependent on the site and the residents care requirements. Please speak with the resident care coordinator or social worker at your site to determine which items are not allowed.

Are pets allowed?

Residents cannot bring their family pet, however some of our sites have pets living within the home and we do encourage visits from outside pets. Visiting dogs must be maintained on leashes and respond to the owner’s instructions. Owners are responsible to pick up after their pets. Animals are not permitted in the kitchen and other food preparation areas, in the serving or food storage areas or in the laundry areas. In New Brunswick, proof of current vaccination will have to be shown.

What is the official language at Shannex?

English is the official and primary language, both orally and written.

What is the meal service?

Meal service is relaxed with clients deciding their preferred meal time. Hot meals are available at scheduled times, however other choices such as snacks and beverages are available at any time throughout the day. Meals are served table side, and clients have a choice between two entrees at noon and dinner. Upon arrival at a Shannex facility, our team will discuss food preferences with each resident. Our dietary team develops menus which meet the standards set out in Canada’s Food Guide, and a variety of diet types and textures are available.

Are families welcome to visit?

Family members and guests are welcome to visit their loved ones. Ongoing contact with family, friends and the community is encouraged as it plays an important role in residents’ well-being and happiness.

Are there specific visiting hours?

Family members and guests are welcome to visit residents at any time, however we do ask that consideration is given to the resident they are visiting to ensure they are not resting or otherwise occupied.

  • We want visitors to be comfortable during their visit and have included some information below to help ensure their health and safety, as well as that of residents and staff.
  • Visitor parking spaces are located at the front entrance. Wheelchair accessible parking is also available.
  • The fire lane must be clear of vehicles at all times.
  • The facility is key-padded for safety and the code is available at the sign-in desk.
  • For emergency purposes, visitors must sign in and out at the front entrance.
  • Visitors must report to the nearest nursing station in the event of an emergency
  • Visitors should use the hand sanitizer provided at the front entrance or wash their hands when they arrive and depart to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Visitors are encouraged not to visit if they are sick or have flu like symptoms.
  • Each client area has doors that can be closed for isolation or security, as needed, to meet the unique needs of the residents.
  • We ask visitors to check with a team member before bringing food or beverages to a resident. Some residents require specific textures and have food allergies.
  • Visitors must check with a team member prior to assisting a resident to leave the building.

Am I (are residents) allowed to leave the facility?

Yes, you (residents) are allowed to leave the facility. We do ask if you are going to be away that you advise the charge nurse so that any required medications and documentation can be prepared. A sign-out sheet must be completed by the resident or the person assuming responsibility for the resident, indentifying the expected return and a contact number where the resident can be reached.

How do I provide feedback on the service I am receiving? (compliments, suggestions, concerns, etc.)

We welcome your feedback on any matter at any time. There is a formal process in place for you to communicate any compliment, complaint, concern or suggestion about the facility, staff and volunteers, or the care you are receiving. There are also several opportunities throughout the year to complete client satisfaction surveys on a number of service areas.

If you would like to give your feedback please see your charge nurse to get a copy of the communication form.

Am I allowed to give gifts to Shannex employees?

We understand and appreciate that you will naturally form bonds with Shannex employees and we pride ourselves on the quality of care and services Shannex employees provide to our clients. Teamwork is the foundation of our Philosophy of Service at Shannex, as such the role each person plays in maintaining the facility and ensuring clients have what they need is equally important and it takes many individuals to provide the care and support the operations of each facility.

If you would like to acknowledge individual efforts we suggest you communicate your appreciation by:

  • Donation to the resident / family council
  • A gift that can be shared and enjoyed by all staff i.e. chocolates, cookies, flowers
  • Thank you notes (these are shared with the VP)
  • Donation to local charity of your choice i.e. Alzheimer’s, MS

Are your nursing homes accredited?

Yes, in 2013 Shannex Healthcare Incorporated achieved Accreditation with Exemplary Standing through Accreditation Canada. Accreditation is a thorough process of assessing, reviewing, evaluation and certifying that a facility is providing good quality services that meets objective standards, so that the public can trust the quality of its services. Shannex participates in this voluntary accreditation process every four years; the next survey will be completed in 2017. Additional information on accreditation can be found by visiting their website.

Are your nursing homes licensed?

In Nova Scotia, Shannex nursing homes are licensed by the Department of Health and Wellness and undergo an annual inspection process. In New Brunswick, Shannex nursing homes are licensed by the Department of Social Development and also undergo an annual inspection process.

How does Shannex handle residents’ personal information?

Everyone at Shannex is committed to ensuring the confidentiality and the protection of personal and health information of residents, employees, volunteers and family members is upheld. To view our Privacy Policy please click here.

What is Shannex?

Shannex Incorporated is a private organization which owns and operates home care services, retirement living campuses and long term care facilities across Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. For over 25 years Shannex has been designing and building high quality facilities privately as well as through private-public partnerships.

In addition to its state-of-the-art facilities, Shannex strives for service excellence and is committed to a client-focused operation which respects the client’s individuality, independence and choices in care. Shannex Incorporated is a leader in the provision of continuing care to adults and seniors in Atlantic Canada.