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Neill Hall Update: New Licensed Long Term Care Home Opens in Fredericton North

Neill Hall, a new licensed long term care home located at 610 Cliffe Street in Fredericton North welcomed its first resident today. With support from the Department of Social Development and a strong plan in place respecting all Public Health directives, 60 new residents from the Greater Fredericton area will be established in their new home over the coming weeks.

Named after the Neill family farm, a Fredericton landmark that was passed down for four generations, Neill Hall features an innovative Main Street concept designed to create familiar public spaces for residents to enjoy in a safe and controlled environment. This unique concept helps residents maintain their independence, restores memories from their youth, and encourages socialization and a sense of community. It features a Town Hall, Café, Salon, Chapel and Theatre.

Having a presence in Fredericton North extends Shannex’s commitment to the seniors of the Greater Fredericton area and we look forward to continuing to care for them in this new community for many years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What communities do you have in Fredericton?  

We will soon have three licensed long term care communities as well as a retirement living community in Fredericton:

  • Frederick Hall is a 36-bed long term care home as part of our Parkland Fredericton Retirement Living campus located on Rainsford Lane.
  • Thomas Hall, another long term care home is also located on the Parkland Fredericton Retirement Living campus and home to 72 residents.
  • Our Parkland Fredericton Retirement Living campus has three halls: Governor Hall is a 69-suite All-Inclusive Lifestyle Residence; Regent Hall is our All-Inclusive Lifestyle services building which houses 51 suites; and Brunswick Hall is an assisted living community with 60 suites.
  • Neill Hall, currently under construction, will be a 60-bed long term care home located at 610 Cliffe Street on Fredericton’s North side.

2. Is it an increase in the number of long-term care beds in New Brunswick?

Neill Hall represents 60 additional licensed beds for the community.

3. Will it cost more for my family member to live at the Shannex long term care home?

No. Residents pay the same amount to live at a Shannex long term care home as they would at any other long term care home in the province. The New Brunswick Department of Social Development determines the daily accommodation rate amount based on each resident’s financial assessment.

Our long term care homes are also licensed by the province through the Department of Social Development and are subject to the same standards, rules and inspections as any other home in the province.

4. What is the temperature like in the building?

The temperature in the building will be maintained at a level that is comfortable for everyone. As a general rule, it will be maintained at 23 degrees Celsius.

5. Do you have visiting hours?

You are welcome to visit your loved one at any time. During the day, visitors are granted access when they arrive by the receptionist, and in the evening when there is no receptionist on duty, visitors can easily be granted access by ringing the doorbell.

6. Is the building secure?

The front door is locked at all times for the safety of all residents, but visitors are granted access when they arrive by the receptionist or with a swipe card provided by us to make your visits more convenient.

7. Is there a private pay option in the long term care home? Will some residents be able to pay more for better food or accommodations?

All residents in licensed long term care homes in New Brunswick receive the same level of care and service. There is no option to privately pay for any additional services in any long term care home.

8. Do you charge for families to use common rooms for special events?

No. Residents and families are welcome to book and use our common rooms as long as no event is already scheduled for the space.

9. Do your rooms have curtains and can I take my own if I want?

Each new room will be equipped with its own new curtains but we are open to working with residents if they would like to provide their own.

10. Are the rails on your beds full length?

No. The rails on our new beds run partially along the length of the bed. This is in compliance with current safety best practices.

11. How do you manage communications with families? How often do you contact them?

We encourage open and frequent communications with all residents and family members. There are many formal opportunities to meet with each resident’s care team and discuss their overall care plan, but we are also happy to schedule time to speak with you about questions or concerns at your convenience. We will also be hosting resident & family advisory council meetings throughout the year.

12. Will ambulance services cost the same?

Ambulance services will cost the same.

13. Will you need volunteers?

Yes! Volunteers are an important part of our communities and we hope to have as many as possible work with us at the new homes. We will let you know soon who to contact if you want to become a volunteer at Neill Hall.

14. Will there be a hair salon?

We have hair styling services at most of our long term care homes, including Neill Hall.

15. I’m a new employee or an existing Shannex employee transitioning to Neill Hall and I have questions for the HR team.

Please send an email to kelseymacdonald@shannex.com.

For more information or to schedule an appointment to tour our model suites, contact Brooke Hamilton, Lifestyle Consultant at Parkland on the River at 506-778-7275 or bhamilton@shannex.com.

You can also visit the Parkland Retirement Living website to learn more about our retirement living options.

To submit a question or to request more information, please contact Senior Communications Manager, Isabelle Landry at 506-863-9570 or ilandry@shannex.com.

Fredericton Communities

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