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Our Nursing Homes

For more than 32-years, there has been nothing more important to our family organization than providing exceptional care and service to residents. This commitment is unwavering and comes to life through our Philosophy of Service which is the backbone of our culture and guides our decisions and actions to ensure every resident has the power to choose how they live their lives.

We are privileged to operate long term care communities (or “nursing homes”) throughout Nova Scotia and New Brunswick where team members deliver resident-directed care and service that allows every resident to live in a place where the service, programs and physical spaces are intentionally designed to promote resident independence, wellness, safety and security.

We understand our responsibility to those who live and work in our communities, our health partners and the public. Even though we are a private organization, we are accountable to the provincial government for our licensed nursing homes, just like every other licensed nursing home operator. Our healthcare funding is dedicated to healthcare activities and we take this responsibility seriously.

Our Nursing Homes

Every Shannex nursing home is licensed by the provincial government and accredited through Accreditation Canada. Residents who live in long term care receive nursing and personal care with access to allied health professionals including dieticians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and recreation therapists.

For more information about each nursing home, please click on “locations” in the navigation bar above. If you have questions about long term care, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Design for Our Communities

Our homes are designed with a neighbourhood approach. Each neighbourhood within the home can be self-contained with everything needed to create a home environment. This approach nurtures our residents’ independence and promotes feelings of safety, happiness and pride, allowing them to develop strong relationships with each other and caregivers while maintaining connections with friends and family in the community.

Infection Prevention and Control

Infection prevention and control is an important shared responsibility of everyone in our communities and this work is supported by a number of internal experts.

We have an Infection Prevention and Control Specialist who is certified through the Canadian Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology and who oversees our Infection Control Program. In addition, each home has a specially trained infection prevention and control delegate who manages the implementation of the program at the nursing home level.

The majority of our communities feature single resident suites with private washrooms which are an important infection control component to mitigate the risk of infection transmission. These single rooms enable a resident to be easily isolated from others while still having all the comforts they need if they become symptomatic of illness or while being investigated for infection.

Admission to Long Term Care  

Each province has its process for accessing long term care.

In New Brunswick, this is managed by the Department of Social Development (DSD). Learn more about long term care by calling 1-833-733-7835 or view associated costs and regional contacts in DSD’s online long term care pamphlet.

In Nova Scotia, the Department of Health and Wellness (DHW) manages the process. Those interested in long term care can contact Continuing Care toll-free at 1-800-225-7225 to learn more. DHW also has an online fact sheet about entering long term care and associated costs.

Long Term Care Standards

When you live in a Shannex long term care community, it is your home. We believe you should have a say in how you live your life and the care you receive, including the kind of foods we serve, the activities we plan and how we operate. This is called “resident-directed” care and it is the foundation of our Philosophy of Service. Because this is your home, we also want you to have information about our performance against the standards we are required to adhere to through provincial government departments. 

In both provinces, we participate in a licensing process through the Department of Health and Wellness (Nova Scotia) and the Department of Social Development (New Brunswick). When licensing reports indicate areas for improvement, we respond with corrective action plans that include timing for when the issue will be addressed.

In Nova Scotia, long term care homes participate in two yearly inspections, one announced and one unannounced, to ensure adherence to more than 400 requirements, which are outlined in the Homes for Special Care Act. Licensing reports for each home are shared publicly on the department’s website.

In New Brunswick, long term care licensing visits take place annually with more than 54 standards that must be adhered to. These standards are detailed in the province’s Nursing Home Standards Manual and inspection reports for each home are shared publicly on the department’s website.

At any time, if you have questions about our licensing reports, we are happy to speak with you.


We are committed to excellence in service and care and fully appreciate that there are always ways to make things better. We are accredited through Accreditation Canada and have been voluntarily participating in this process since 1993. Every team member participates and takes pride in the process which measures organizations against national standards of excellence in healthcare and helps ensure that we are always improving quality and following best practices.

Currently, all Shannex long term care communities in both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are Accredited with Commendation. Our next accreditation cycle will take place in 2022.

Visit Accreditation Canada for more information.

Resident Safety and Health Information

There is nothing more important to us than the safety and protection of our residents. We understand the trust that family members place in us for the care of their loved ones, and we take our responsibility to provide a safe and nurturing environment very seriously. Our team members come to work every day to do their very best to provide care to residents and families at all our nursing homes, but as people working in health care, we have to accept that there are occasions where things don’t go as planned.

Both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have processes in place to review these incidents. We are supportive of these important tools that protect residents. The process is clearly explained for all licensed providers, but if you have questions, we would be happy to meet with you to discuss your concerns.

Nova Scotia Protection of Persons in Care Act: The Protection of Persons in Care Act (PPCA) is an external protective safeguard for residents in Nova Scotia’s long term care homes.

This Act requires long term care home administrators and service providers (including staff and volunteers) to promptly report all allegations or instances of abuse. Anyone can report abuse under the Act, including physical, psychological, emotional, sexual, neglect, theft, or medication abuse. For more information on PPCA click here.

New Brunswick Adult ProtectionAdult Protection is a branch of Social Development that operates under the Family Services Act to serve seniors and adults with disabilities who may be experiencing abuse or neglect. The Act considers physical, mental and sexual forms of abuse and neglect that is self-inflicted or caused by others. The Family Services Act and the Nursing Home Act require facility administrators and service providers to promptly report all allegations or instances of abuse. Residents and family members may also use this tool to report concerns to Social Development. Read more about Adult Protection here.

Resident and Family Engagement

As a resident or family member, you are our partner and a key stakeholder in our community. We recognize and value your input and feedback. Your voice and your ideas are central to our decision-making, and in the care and services, we provide. By sharing ideas, fostering teamwork and including you at all levels of the organization, we strive to create communities that you can be proud to call home.

Read more about our commitment to residents.

Resident and Family Councils

Each long term care community has its own separate Resident Council and Family Council. These groups are established by the management at their site and exist to allow residents and families to come together to discuss common concerns and opportunities for improvement in their homes. Resident and Family Councils are an important part of every home and we are extremely grateful to those who actively collaborate with us in ensuring each community reflects the people who live there.

For more information about Resident and Family Councils at your Shannex long term care community, please contact a member of your Site Management team.

Resident and Family Advisory Committee

Shannex established the first Resident and Family Advisory Committee in 2016 as a way to meaningfully engage with residents and their families and provide opportunities for their input at a strategic level. The committee represents residents and family members from Shannex, Parkland and Faubourg communities who come from a variety of service levels and regions.

The committee’s mandate is to advise the organization on resident care and service delivery matters in the best interest of all residents and families being served. The committee has evolved into two separate groups: one for Nova Scotia and Ontario and a second for New Brunswick. This allows each committee to focus on topics closer to home. The two committees remain connected and will meet annually.

For more information about how to participate, please contact a member of your home’s management team or the Resident and Family Liaison.

To learn more about the role of Residents and Families, click here.

Have a great story to share with us about care? Visit Great Connections to learn about our new program.

Resident and Family Liaison

The Resident and Family Liaison for Shannex, Parkland and Faubourg communities is available to speak with any resident or family member to answer questions, address concerns and connect residents and families with support related to any aspect of care or service.

Click here to learn more about how to connect with our Liaison.

Volunteer with us!

Volunteers are an important part of the daily life of people living in long term care. Lending your time can be as simple as reading a book, having a chat over a cup of tea or going for a walk on a sunny day. If you have a particular location in mind, please contact the home directly using our Volunteer Portal to learn about opportunities and how to apply.