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Our Actions During COVID-19

Limiting visitors to protect residents

At this time, in compliance with Public Health directives, we have processes in place to safely accommodate visits at all of our Shannex, Parkland and Faubourg communities in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Ontario. Please contact a member of the management team at your location for more details about how to schedule a visit with your loved one.

Employee Screening Protocol Updated

All Shannex, Parkland and Faubourg team members participate in advanced screening protocols before entering the workplace. These are consistent with directives issued by provincial public health bodies. All sites have implemented active screening at entrances to the site. This includes temperature checks of employees upon arrival for their scheduled shifts and employees are required enter their location via a designated entry point.

Physical (social) distancing in our communities

Physical distancing is a critical tool to help slow the spread of COVID-19. In all of our locations, we are approaching physical distancing in a number of ways while working hard to ensure residents continue to experience the benefits of living in a community. We are working to increase recreation programming that adheres to the principles of physical distancing and provides various creative ways to encourage participation in small groups or individually. We are also looking at dining service in each community to identify solutions such as expanding dining rooms, adding more space between tables, adding meal service times or offering meal deliveries.

Staying Connected

We understand that staying connected with loved ones is very important, especially during uncertain times. Although visitors are not currently permitted, we are developing additional supports, including sending more iPads to communities, to help keep loved ones in touch. Recreation teams are checking in with residents daily and are happy to pass along messages, love and warm wishes. We encourage you to call your loved ones often, and our team members are happy to facilitate video calls to keep you connected. Send your messages, videos, emails and photos to your community’s management team and we’ll be more than happy to pass them along.

Keeping Active

We are in the process of increasing our recreation personnel, extending recreation hours and providing additional programming on evenings and weekends. Keeping active is important: we are encouraging residents to continue walking and staying physically active while also respecting social distancing principles.

Any recreation program is conducted in compliance with all principles of physical distancing which means small groups, appropriate space between participants and no touching. We have adapted popular group activities as much as possible. For example, we are offering things such as “hallway bingo” and “hallway singsongs” which are led from the hallways. Residents can stay in their rooms while still enjoying these popular activities and following physical distancing protocols.

We are also making more activities available within resident suites. Our recreation teams have compiled resource packages for residents that include items such as adult colouring books, crossword puzzles, word-find games, etc. We encourage residents to take on a new hobby such as knitting or painting and our team members are happy to help facilitate this.


As part of our evolving response, we monitor and control deliveries closely to ensure we are following best infection control practices and protecting residents and team members. For details about how to arrange a delivery at your location, please contact a member of the management team.


Each community has adjusted its system for dining to ensure it adheres to the principles of physical distancing. Some measures that have been taken include expanding the size of the dining room, distancing people sitting at a same table and temporarily scheduling two times for meal service. We have also removed all condiments and seasonings from table tops, removed table linens so we can better sanitize surfaces and are using disposable napkins.

In retirement living communities, we have moved to a system of delivering meals to resident’s suites and closing dining room meal service. This was not an easy decision, but one we strongly believe will provide an extra layer of protection and ensure greater compliance with directives for physical distancing. With this adjustment, we are making some temporary changes to the menu and the selection process.

For safety, meals will be plated in the kitchen using disposable dishes and delivered using a delivery cart. Residents will be asked to place their tray into the hallway one hour after their meal is delivered. For residents on quarantine or isolation, meals will also be plated in the kitchen and we have a process in place to ensure delivery of meals is safely completed.

We know some residents will be disappointed we are using disposable dishes, but this is a necessary temporary measure and we will return to china dishes as soon as possible.


We continue to source medical and operational supplies to ensure our team members have everything they need to care for your loved ones at each of our communities.


Our food supply is continuously replenished to always ensure we have one month’s worth of food at each of our communities.


We have increased our stringent cleaning and disinfecting protocols and these will continue to ensure the safety of residents and team members.


Hair salons and spas at all locations have been closed.

Laundry for residents

Residents who would typically have soiled laundry picked up by family to be done should be done by the campus.

Parkland or Faubourg tours 

We are happy to help you experience our Parkland or Faubourg community but we will be doing so virtually. At this time, we are not conducting in-person tours of our retirement living buildings.

Admissions and move-ins 

We are continuing to accept new admissions to our licensed nursing home environments as is required by provincial authorities but have advanced protocols in place to ensure that all activities follow our visitor restrictions and screening protocols. All new admissions without exception must be quarantined in their suite for 14 days.