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Physical (Social) Distancing

Physical distancing is a critical tool to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Distancing ourselves by six feet or two meters has the ability to prevent the spread of illness to team members, other residents and those we love.

Ways you can maintain distance during your regular activities include:

  • Do not share an elevator with others
  • Leave some distance between you and someone else if you are walking behind them
  • Sit on a separate side of the couch if in a common space with others

In all of our locations, we are approaching physical distancing in a number of ways while putting every measure in place to ensure residents continue to experience the benefits of living in a community.

We are increasing recreation programming and providing various creative ways to encourage participation in small groups or individually.

Dining rooms and meal service have been adapted. Our licensed long term care homes have expanded the size of dining rooms, distanced people sitting at a same table and temporarily scheduled two times for meal service. For retirement living communities, we have moved to a system of delivering meals to resident’s suites.

Physical distancing does not mean we can’t be social. In fact, keeping connected to family and friends during these uncertain times is important and healthy. All communities have programs in place to help families connect with loved ones through video calls, telephone calls or email. Our teams would be happy to help you stay connected.

We are all in this together. Let’s all take these important steps seriously to protect not only ourselves, but everyone in our communities.