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Creating Strong Communities in Miramichi

Losier Hall Update: A Successful Move!

Residents and team members from the Mount St. Joseph Nursing Home in Miramichi have moved to their new home at Losier Hall. Because of tremendous planning for months in advance, all 131 residents successfully transferred the morning of October 1, 2019. With all hands on deck, the team executed our detailed plan and the move went exceptionally well.

We would like to thank everyone involved, including the families of residents. A strong community was created and came together that day. Thank you also to our new Losier Hall team for their efforts to ensure residents enjoyed a safe and enjoyable transition to their new home.

We look forward to having another successful move in early 2020 when residents from the Miramichi Senior Citizens Home move to Bridgeview Hall. We will soon have more information available about the upcoming Bridgeview Hall Move.

About Miramichi

Shannex is pleased to have been chosen to develop and operate new long-term care facilities for the Miramichi community. 

On Water Street, Losier Hall, a 159-bed long term care home was built and is now operating as a standalone long term care home.

On King George Highway, an 81-bed long term care home is being built and is expected to open in early 2020. This community will be part of a Parkland Retirement Living campus offering a continuum of service. The long term care home will operate separately, but will be attached to the other buildings to allow residents and their families to access a broad range of services as their need for assistance and support changes.

Nursing Home Features

  • Private rooms
  • Small neighbourhoods (20 rooms each)
  • Existing residents and staff transfer together
  • Community programs continue

Our commitment to Care and Service

Employees, Residents and Families

Shannex is pleased to welcome existing long term care employees into our family of Great People.

We are committed to working with all groups to provide information, answer questions and finalize plans to help everyone transition to the new homes as safely and efficiently as possible. To ensure two-way communication channels, we will host regular employee meetings and resident & family advisory council meetings.

Are you an existing long term care employee? Do you have questions for our HR team? Send an email to kelseymacdonald@shannex.com.

Community Programs

Three important community programs will continue to be offered by Shannex: Meals on WheelsAdult Day program and Lifeline program. We will work directly with the individuals responsible for these programs to transition the services.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are your plans for the new long term care homes? 

We will be constructing two long term care homes in Miramichi:

  • A 159-bed standalone long term care home is now operating on Water Street and includes an Adult Day Centre.
  • An 81-bed long term care home on King George Highway is currently being built and will be part of a Parkland Retirement Living campus which will offer a continuum of service to the community.

2. Is it an increase in the number of long-term care beds in New Brunswick?

The new buildings will house a total of 240 licensed long-term care beds. This represents an additional 28 licensed beds for the community.

3. What does this mean for the residents and their families?

We expect there will be little change for residents and their families. Our team is well prepared as we have executed similar moves in the past. Most recently, 131 residents successfully moved to Losier Hall in October 2019 and we have a detailed plan in place to move residents to the new Bridgeview Hall in early 2020. Once residents are in their new home, they will receive the same excellent care and service from many of the same experienced and dedicated team members they are used to, but in a new and improved home.

Our long term care homes are licensed by the province through the Department of Social Development and are subject to the same standards, rules and inspections as any other home in the province.

4. Which long term care home will my family member live in?

We know important relationships are formed in these communities and we want to ensure those are maintained for the happiness of everyone. That’s why we are building two long term care homes that have roughly the same number of beds as the existing two homes. We did this to create environments that are familiar for team members, residents and families. You can expect your family member to move to the long term care home of similar size along with many of the team members they already know and love.

5. Will it cost more for my family member to live at the Shannex long term care home?

Residents pay the same amount to live at a Shannex long term care home as they would at any other long term care home in the province. The New Brunswick Department of Social Development determines the daily accommodation rate amount based on each resident’s financial assessment.

Our long term care homes are also licensed by the province through the Department of Social Development and are subject to the same standards, rules and inspections as any other home in the province.

We will soon have more information available about the upcoming Bridgeview Hall Moving Day. Residents and families are also welcome to contact us at any time if they have questions or concerns.

6. Will the community outreach programs continue?

In every community where we operate, we pride ourselves on being good neighbours and giving back to the community. We are committed to maintaining Meals on Wheels, the Adult Day Program and the Lifeline Program and will work closely with these groups to ensure the transition goes smoothly.

Volunteers play a significant role at all Shannex and Parkland communities. We see them as part of our team, and they add so much to our culture. We look forward to working with new groups of dedicated volunteers in the Miramichi community. If you or someone you know would like to volunteer, please contact 

7. I am a local business who has interest in sharing my information with Shannex. How do I do that?

Please send your contact information and any other related details to info@shannex.com and we will ensure the appropriate person on our construction and maintenance teams receives it.

8. How long will it take to move all residents from one building to another?

We spend months working on a very detailed plan for moving day. The move requires many team members and the cooperation of volunteers and family members. While a lot of time goes into the planning, we are able to move everyone quite quickly. In most cases we can move everyone during one morning or slightly longer. We will soon have more information available about the upcoming Bridgeview Hall Moving Day.

9. What is the temperature like in the building?

The temperature in the building will be maintained at a level that is comfortable for everyone. As a general rule, it will be maintained at 23 degrees Celsius.

10. Do you have visiting hours?

You are welcome to visit your loved one at any time. During the day, visitors are granted access when they arrive by the receptionist, and in the evening when there is no receptionist on duty, visitors can easily be granted access by ringing the doorbell.

11. Is the building secure?

The front door is locked at all times for the safety of all residents, but visitors are granted access when they arrive by the receptionist or with a swipe card provided by us to make your visits more convenient.

12. What building will open first?

Losier Hall, the Chatham Head home on Water Street officially opened on October 1, 2019. Bridgeview Hall, the Douglastown home on King George Highway, will open in early 2020.

13. If a resident at Losier Hall (Chatham Head) has to go to the hospital, will we call an ambulance even if it’s right across the street?

Yes, absolutely. The same process would apply to ensure the health and safety of all residents.

14. Is there a private pay option in the long term care home? Will some residents be able to pay more for better food or accommodations?

All residents in licensed long term care homes in New Brunswick receive the same level of care and service. There is no option to privately pay for any additional services in any long term care home.

15. Will there be smoking on the property?

There is no smoking at either location.

16. Do you charge for families to use common rooms for special events?

No. Residents and families are welcome to book and use our common rooms as long as no event is already scheduled for the space.

17. Will you have an accessible path to the river so residents can go on outings by the water?

The landscaping details are currently being finalized. We will be able to share more about this soon.

18. Do your rooms have curtains and can I take my own if I want?

Each new room will be equipped with its own new curtains but we are open to working with residents if they would like to provide their own.

19. Will there be veterans admitted to your home?

Yes. We plan to follow the same admission process that is currently in place and will meet with Veterans Affairs to ensure they are aware of our services.

20. Are the rails on your beds full length?

No. The rails on our new beds run partially along the length of the bed. This is in compliance with current safety best practices.

21. How do you manage communications with families? How often do you contact them?

We encourage open and frequent communications with all residents and family members. There are many formal opportunities to meet with each resident’s care team and discuss their overall care plan, but we are also happy to schedule time to speak with you about questions or concerns at your convenience. We will also be hosting resident & family advisory council meetings throughout the year.

22. Can pets who now live in the homes go to the new home?

Yes! We look forward to welcoming our new furry residents to their new homes.

23. Will ambulance services cost the same?

Ambulance services will cost the same.

24. Will you need volunteers?

Yes! Volunteers are an important part of our communities and we hope to have as many as possible work with us at the new homes.

25. Will there be a hair salon? Will it be the same hairdresser?

We have hair styling services at most of our long term care homes, including Losier Hall and we also plan to have this service available at Bridgeview Hall.

26. Do you have a plan for road/traffic safety that the King George site?

We have heard that this is a concern for many and will work with the City of Miramichi to review the area to ensure road safety is considered for everyone.

27. Will we have a bus to take residents on outings?

We understand how important outings are for residents and we are looking into the possibility of having a bus.

28. Who do I contact if I have other questions or if I’m interested in one of the retirement living or assisted living suites?

For questions about the long term care homes: Isabelle Landry, Senior Communications Manager: 506-854-6877 or ilandry@shannex.com.

For questions about Retirement Living at Parkland on the River: Brooke Hamilton, Lifestyle & Wellness Consultant: 506-625-5892 or visit our Sales Office located at 47 Pleasant Street.

Visit the Parkland Retirement Living website to learn more about our retirement living option coming to Miramichi in winter 2020.

29. I’m an existing employee and I have questions for the HR team. Who do I contact?

Please send an email to kelseymacdonald@shannex.com



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To submit a question or to request more information, please contact Senior Communications Manager, Isabelle Landry at 506-854-6877 or ilandry@shannex.com.

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